Review: Sloppy Seconds by Tucker Max

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*I'm not posting the cover of this book only because it's a little out there and really inappropriate for some of the readers of this blog, but google it if you are desparate for it.*

Tucker Max is back for the fourth and final time (well for the foreseeable future).

Sloppy Seconds is Max's fourth book retelling his awful antics and some stuff that didn't quite make it to the three previous books. I've yet to get my hands on Hilarity Ensues (Book Three), but I can onle imagine that it does not fail to disappoint.

Now none of Max's books are for the faint of heart, but Sloppy Seconds is a great way to be introduced to his writings. It has a story from each of his previous books for the "noobs" to catch up and to see if they like what they are reading.

The best thing about Seconds is if you get the eBook version it's FREE!! A kind of thank you to the fans from Max.

My two favorite stories of the new batch are the actual sex text messages that he had received from various girls that he decided to mess with. (Granted this story was from the third book but because I don't yet have it it's new to me.)
Side note: The aforementioned ladies accquired his number from the movie adaptation of his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, and you have or have seen his second book, Assholes Finish First, the number is displayed on the cover disguised as a prison card number.

My second favorite story was of his escapades during a trip to Nantucket. Which I won't give away anything but it does involve: FBI agent, flying planes, and Harry Potter.

If this kind of stuff floats your boat or you need a really good laugh at the misfourtune of others this is the way to go for sure, and that goes for all of his books.

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