By 3:40 PM

I have given this so much thought that it still pains me to even announce this. After going on and off so many times and not being consistent here, I've decided to no longer continue with This Great Perhapsless.

This is mainly because as I try to find a good balance between the things I love, trying to figure myself and things out, I find myself not having enough time that I want to invest in this blog. Mainly it's a too many books not enough time to read and give reviews the best I can situation.

I will not stop blogging, however. I will continue that with my other two blogs, Your Inner Octopus and That Girl. I may occasionally put up a post about all my book loves, but to really invest in it is just really difficult right now.

Thank you all who have supported this blog in some way, and a BIG thank you to the authors who allowed to let me read their amazing works in exchange for reviews.

Love all of you,


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