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 Hey everyone! Today I have the wonderful privalge of hosting one of today's stops of the Geek Girl blog tour! I would also like to welcome and thank Cindy Bennett for her wonderful book and awesome guest post too!

Guest Post: Trends by Cindy C. Bennett

As a kid, I remember our first house had a green kitchen. Not just any green—avocado green. As if that weren’t nauseating enough, add to it the orange and brown accents. Sometimes I wonder how much being exposed to that plethora of color affected my life. I hate avocados, I only wear orange shirts if they have a Harley symbol on them, and . . . well, I suppose I can’t really say too much against the brown. It is the color of dark chocolate, after all.

Trends come and go, some more memorable than others. 

Remember beehive hairdos? As a young girl I would sit and watch my 4’11” mother rat her hair for hours on end to raise the illusion of her height. It was only washed once a week, and wrapped in a scarf at night for sleeping. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The worst was the little wiglet she used to crown the ‘do. Have you ever seen one of those things? It looked like a large, hairy spider. Hmm, suddenly my terror of spiders makes sense.

I was a teen in the 80’s, with big, flammable hair (due to the gallon of hairspray required to hold it in place), purple eyeshadow, wearing net shirts (thanks a lot, Madonna), leg warmers (Let’s Get Physical), and clogs (tall, clunky, inflexible, uncomfortable shoes). I honestly believed that when I had children, they would look at those pictures of me and see how stylish I was. I would never look as ridiculous as my parents looked in their 50’s photos. Imagine my amazement when eventually I laughed alongside my kids at my pictures.
Even foods go through trends. Bagels, doughnuts, cupcakes . . . why is it always junk food? I haven’t yet seen a trend of veggie stands on every corner, though I suppose the fast food places went through a brief period of offering healthy alternatives to fries—alternatives that are no longer offered. 

Books reflect trends as well. Some books will be trendy (vampires and werewolves, anyone?). But good books, though filled with trends, will survive the test of time. A book filled with trends can become an entertaining time capsule, even if just to show what popular thinking or ideas were at the time. Or they can affect the future of books. Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) comes to mind. Big Brother in some variation or another has made it into countless dystopian novels since it was first published in 1949.

So though we will continue to see trends in any given time period, I say keep them coming. After all, how else will my children, and my children’s children, be able to blame something as simple as the current trend of sewing feathers into their hair for their future repulsion of anything fowl.


"Think I can turn that boy bad?" 17-year-old Jen turns her life upside down when, out of boredom, she makes a bet that she can turn school geek Trevor into someone like her. Instead, the goth girl finds herself sucked into his world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even-ugh!-bowling. To truly belong with him-and with her new foster family-she must first come to terms with her violent past.

Authors note: Geek Girl has been optioned by Cedar Fort Publishing, and is therefore currently unavailable. It will become available again in December, 2011. Thanks to everyone who has asked about it, and want to know when it will be available!

Geek Girl reminded me so much of high school and was really great aside from the predictable bet plot that we have all seen before, but it didn't matter. I was so sucked up in the story I didn't care.

Jen is a foster care kid so her dark exterior is expected from all the bouncing house to house experiences.

Trevor was completely adorkable that of course it was inevitable that Jen fell for him.
I highly reccommend this book to everyone if you like a really good feel good book to snuggle up with.

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  1. Lydia - Thank you so much for the review, and for allowing me to ramble on your blog. I really appreciate you being part of the tour. :o)

    BTW, I adore your blog header!!!

  2. Lydia, this is one of the cutest blogs I've stopped at. Very welcoming.

    Cindy, loved your post! What an interesting story. So... for the Geek Girl Launch Party I should expect you to have the beehive hairdo? Regardless, I can't wait for it!
    Since Jen and Trevor are my favorite characters, I can't imagine NOT being there for their public "birth".

  3. I loved this book. Yep, I saw it coming, but watching change come to those that are expecting to create change in others is always awesome.

  4. Love the trends feature.
    Glad you participated in the tour. This book was fantastic!
    Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

  5. Thanks guys and thank you Cindy!!

    Totally agree with you Steph!