Review: I am a Pole (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert

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The always lovely Stephen Colbert has done it again! His first dive into the world that is children’s books  I AM A POLE (AND SO CAN YOU) is a wondrous, sweet, and simple tale of a pole trying to find his purpose in life.

Now I listened to the audio book version where Colbert and TOM HANKS read you the tale of this sweet little pole. It lasted about eight minutes but it was full of awesome.

So the short sweet story is this: The pole doesn’t know what his purpose is. Is he a firefighter pole? Is he a stripper pole? What kind of pole is he supposed to be? That is his journey and if you think of the character that is Stephen Colbert I think you can guess what this young pole ends up being? (Hint: It’s very patriotic.)

One hundred percent of the proceeds of the audio book go to the awesome US Veterans Initiation that helps our Vets out. Which I think is pretty cool!

Definitely go out and get both versions of the book because the illustrations (that I saw online because I only had enough to get the audio book ($1.95 on Audible!) this month) are soooo adorable!

Also just a side note to my fellow Colbert fans: If you don’t know about his second real book with all the words and what not, AMERICA AGAIN: RE-BECOMING THE GREATNESS WE NEVER WEREN’T is hitting the stores in October!!

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