Beautiful Sunday (1)

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Today starts Beautiful Sunday where we can all fangirl over the Beautiful Bastard series and whatever pops up in the world of Christina Lauren!

Today is all about the one that started it all Beautiful Bastard.

Originally a Twilight fan fiction under the name The Office, which was brilliant and wish it didn't get taken down, but it had to because of becoming these books, is a story about Chloe and Bennett. He, a tough marketing executive, and she, his assistant that has to put up with his ass-hattery!

Beautiful Bastard is all about their beginning. The awful back and forth with each other and tension even though relieved in have the book is still so tense that you are turning the page just to figure out what happens and if this is ever going to relieve itself! And it does!

Bastard has little shout outs to The Office fans and they are very well placed through out!

I highly suggest this book if you like to laugh out loud, have feels, and get your erotica dosage in.

Next week with get to meet Max and Sara! Oh, Max.

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