Here I go again on my own....

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Hello world!

For those who do not know, I am Lydia, or, to some of you, Misamille. Either way hai!
This dear little blog of mine is yet another incarnation of myself that I think I can maintain. I have had several blogs and such things in the past, but they have failed due to some reason or such like thing, but not this time! I have set a goal for myself that I will see this through!

My goal: I want to be able to post something on here at least once or more a week. I'm very busy majority of the time so I don't have time to get to my computer and do stuff. So that's where the contact me list comes into play! If you see that I haven't been on here more than a week and I haven't said anything about my prolonged absence: ALERT THE TROOPS! loll!

I love the world of blogging and sharing ideas, thoughts, things, etc. So that's what I want to do with this.

I'm going to ramble on about things that don't make sense, maybe get you guys to interact some, and WARNING! I fangirl about things a LOT! But I will try not to bother you with that kind of stuff ALL the time...maybe the majority, but not all the time.

There I've cleared the air about what you and I are about to embark on finally together!

Can't wait!!

<3 Lydia

P.S. I will also sometimes post what I write on here onto my Tumblr as well so please follow me both places to not miss ANYTHING!!!

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