Review: "Evelyn, Evelyn"

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This wonderful back story to Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley's duet project, of the same name, is a gorgeous, dark, adult storybook that would please the darkest of the macabre.

A pair of unfortunate conjoined twins, Evelyn and Evelyn Neville (aka Eva and Lynn), are born into a world where all they want is to be loved and accepted, but sadly face death, abuse, and harassment. The story follows their life up unto present day where they are the infamous song duo (Palmer and Webley are the stage incarnation of the twins).

It's a wonderful dark world the sisters live in and the illustrations done by Cynthia von Buhler are simply gorgeous to glance upon even without reading the lovely story they tell.

This is a wonderful book for any fan of Amanda Palmer, tragedy, macabre, or wanting a great simple story.

You can go here to reserve your copy or just wait until October 9th.

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