Still Got Legs

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A reference to a now infamous line uttered by the Eleventh Doctor in the fabulous science fiction show, Doctor Who, "Still Got Legs" is the lastest installment by the Time Lord Rock, Trock, band, Chameleon Circuit is a brilliant showcase of the songwriting combined with love for this genre of music.

For those not familiar with this particular genre, it's one that is basically a fan based band. A group of guys in London, who were already really talented to begin with, wrote songs individually about the wonderful show and then ultimately decided to make a genre of it. Their debut album, Chameleon Circuit, was critically acclaimed by all who heard it. Fans of the album even wrote in to the very popular magazine, Doctor Who Magazine, to tell the world about it, and thus Chameleon Circuit came about.

I write this review as I myself emmerse myself in this wonderful album, which streams from frontman, Alex Day's website. In comparison to their previous self-titled album, "Legs" has more of a lyrical, softer approach. With the album telling more of a story over all, it's hypnotic tracks are certain to woo anyone, fan or not of the show.

Songs of note: "Everything Is Ending", "Mr. Pond", "The Sound of Drums", and "Big Bang Two".

Where you can aquire it: iTunes (for digital download)
DFTBA Records (for physical copy w/liner notes and poster)

Be sure to check this out and support indie music!!!

<3 Lydia

Also, if you want to listen to it now and can't wait to click to buy, listen to it here!!

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