My Dark Secret #1

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So I have an awful secret. Ready to hear? Are sure? It's surprising. Okay. *deep breath*


Phew! That was actually easier than I thought. Now I would never have one myself. If it were me I'd elope, but that's for other reasons not to discuss at this moment in time. 

My fascination with them has been around forever and for awhile I wanted to be a wedding planner, but my self diagnosed ADD got the best of me and now I'm studying computers!

So in the spirit of my confession and secret love of them I shall reveal some of the most amazing wedding cakes I have just found and are making me rethink of having a real wedding. 

Sorry love of my life if you are reading this, I know you hate them, but I love them!


Dungeons and Dragons (<3):

Some Futurama for you (<3<3):

This Stargate one is sooo adorable!!!

Now I LOVE the ones above,  but this xkcd one would be the one I'd choose:

<3 Lydia

Also RANDOM side note: Casey Anthony: What the hell?!!! That's all I'm addressing. 

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