Shelf Candy Saturday (6)

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Welcome back to Shelf Candy Saturday!!!!! Again, as always, this wonderful meme is hosted by that awesome mother-daughter duo over at Five Alarm Book Reviews!

This week it's Cindy C. Bennett's Geek Girl!!!

This cover was actually voted on by Cindy's readers at the novel's website. I think it's the best one! So glad it was chosen!

By the way, Cindy will be a guest poster on here in the weeks coming up as a part of her Geek Girl Blog tour! So don't miss that! ^^

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  1. That's a great cover, I love the black and red and bold lines. Similar to Jatta and Death Plays Poker. Also reminds me of Redheads, the girl on the matchbox? Something kinda retro about this style, love it!

  2. They changed the cover for this four times that I know of before its upcoming release. I am glad they are using this one. Nice pick.