Netflix for Books?

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So, my Twitter friend and fellow awesome blogger, Stephanie over at Steph's Stacks, tweeted out this article that there's this new app out there that's basically Netflix for ebooks!

It's called Oyster and for only about ten bucks a month you can have access to thousands upon thousands of books!


The interface looks amazing and I'm really excited about it. Right now it's in put-your-email-here-and-you'll-be-on-the-list mode, but hells yeah I got myself on that list.

The only downside I see right now, and I'm sure it's going resolve soon (maybe when it goes public), is that there isn't a iPad version once you get the go ahead. It's only on iPods and iPhones. But I'm excited that there are products coming out like this. Even though I am hard copy all the way, new ways of reading books still entrigue me and I think this would definitely be worth the investment.

UPDATE: According to this tweet that Oyster put out in response to the iPad situation, yes it will be iPad compatible this fall! So, yay for Lydia!

Can not wait to join the party!

For more about Oyster follow them on Twitter, or go here to their site.

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