One of these things is not like the other...

By 11:43 AM , , , , , , of these things just isn't the same.

John Scalzi's TBR pile as of last week.

While looking though my un-read blog list I came across a post by the wonderful John Scalzi (who by the way won a Hugo for his novel Redshirts! Awesome right?! *review to come soon*). It was his normal New Books/ARCs pile, but I noticed something kinda awesome and kinda unsuspecting!

Have you guessed yet? Yeah, sitting in there is the latest in the Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Bombshell. I about peed myself with laughter and giggles. If you read his post you can kinda tell he was hinting at his audience to notice it, but of course I was the only one in the comment section who did!

Love it! I then headed over to the Twitters and posted this:

And shortly after Lauren of the infamous duo, Christina Lauren replied this:

I write this because 1) It's kind of awesome that blogging and social media can introduce you to awesome things; and 2) We now know what kind of books John Scalzi really likes to be sent to him!

By the way Beautiful Bombshell is out now you should go buy it on Amazon, or head over to Target and the paperback version. I also just realized I haven't posted anything about this series yet! Too busy reading other things! >< So, for the next couple of Sundays until we're all caught up on some Beautiful Bastard, there will be posts up taking about it!

(Yeah one more thing, read this hilarious interview over at That's Normal with the guys from the series!)

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