Because today is the day that the teddy bears are having....A RAVE!

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(In this case the teddy bears are book lovers and authors.)

On November 2nd, something awesome is going down in H-town (Houston). The event known as The Houston Bookrave is going to happen!

I personally am hoping that I can get down there for one of the biggest signing parties to happen! There's like 50+ authors going to be there from Sophie Jordan (we all know how much I love her) to B.C. Burgess to Angela Corbett!!!! So many cool people are going to turn out for this event it's like a candy shop and the candy is being able to have meet and greets to pick their heads, get stuff signed, cool things, and meeting cool people!

Here's the complete list of peeps that are going to be there:

And check out these peeps who are putting this amazeball event on!

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