"Put Hitler in the cupboard." Doctor Who is back!

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So me being the big dork I am, like millions, watched the mid-season comeback of Doctor Who!

For those who don't know what Doctor Who is click here, because I will just tell you that it's awesome and you need to watch it (Which you do!!)


(By the way Matt Smith in tails and a top hat!!! *swoon*)

So I'm not going to say TOO much, but O-M-EFFING-G!!! I will say for those who don't know me, that I am a HUGE River Song fan. Ever since she graced us with her presence in the "Silence In The Library" I have had this unhealthy fascination with River Song, even though she died as soon as we meet her.

"Let's Kill Hitler" last Saturday's episode, was an amazingly done, minus a few things, episode by the wonderful Stephen Moffat! It basically summed up all real unanswered questions that we've had about Melody Pond/River Song since the last episode that aired.

Kyle Anderson, over at The Nerdist, sums up this episode way better than I, because even though it's only been two days since I'm just still in awe of how amazing Alex Kingston is as River. Just her slow realization of who the Doctor is, and her regeneration scene, and a River/Doctor kiss! It was just brilliant!

Also a BIG BIG! kudos to Matt Smith who episode after episode just proves his worthiness of being The Doctor. This is a really awesome one that just shows how awesome he is and why he is now officially my #3 doctor (Baker: #1 and Tennant:2)

The next episode of "Doctor Who" airs this Saturday at 8/7c on BBC America.


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