Breaking Dawn Part One Trailer

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OME! I can't believe only two short months and the beginning of the end is almost here!

I personally think it's a little cheesier than it's given credit, but we'll wait and see.

The wedding is going to make me cry!

And feathers?!!!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Yay? Nay? OMFGE?!

P.S: Jacob scruff? Hot or not? I think hot (and I'm Team Edward! ><)

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  1. Breaking Dawn looks exciting. Ok, so saw Twilight but never saw New Moon or Eclipse. Thanks to dvds, hope to one of these days catch up. Thanks for the trailer.

  2. Cassandra: Oh it's worth the catch up! Though Breaking Dawn looks amazing and exciting, I'm afraid it's not going to be like the book and make all of it seem stupid.