Movie Trailer: "The Man at the Counter"

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As the website says:

“The Man at the Counter” is a short film that tells the story of a young boy who spends the summer working at a coffee shop in a small town. One day, an old man comes into the store and orders a tall coffee. He smiles, leaves a tip and winks, and heads for door. On his way out, the boy notices that the man pockets a handful of sugar packets. The following day, the old man does the same thing; orders his coffee, leaves a tip, and takes a bunch of sugar packets. As this pattern continues, the boy grows more and more frustrated in trying to solve the mystery of the stolen sugar packets. Finally, the boy confronts the old man, and when the answer isn’t at all what he expected, he is forced to deal with some of life’s most basic questions.  


Just by the trailer, and a little more insight from the synopsis, "Counter" looks like it's going to be one of those great short films that will make you question your own self. I'm particularly excited about seeing this film, mainly because of the reemergence of Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do!; "I AM SPARTICUS!"). In addition to Scott's appearance, we are also re-introduced to Ian Hyland, whom many of you may know from the dramedy, Spanglish, as The Boy. It's nice to see him in a even more maturing role than in Spanglish.

To stay up to date or to show support for this seemingly amazing short, be sure to check out TheManAtTheCounter(dot)com, or follow them on Twitter. It's always great to support great indie endeavors like this and I'm so glad to be in the know about this gem! 

(Plus it's like a secret club, indie films, books, etc. And we all know secret clubs are fun!)

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