Shelf Candy Saturday (3)

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Welcome back to Shelf Candy Saturday!!!!! Again, as always, this wonderful meme is hosted by that awesome mother-daughter duo over at Five Alarm Book Reviews!

This week we're going simple and mysterious with the wonderful Augsten Burrough's "A Wolf at the Table".

The GoodReads synopsis:

“As a little boy, I had a dream that my father had taken me to the woods where there was a dead body. He buried it and told me I must never tell. It was the only thing we’d ever done together as father and son, and I promised not to tell. But unlike most dreams, the memory of this one never left me. And sometimes…I wasn’t altogether sure about one thing: was it just a dream?”

When Augusten Burroughs was small, his father was a shadowy presence in his life: a form on the stairs, a cough from the basement, a silent figure smoking a cigarette in the dark. As Augusten grew older, something sinister within his father began to unfurl. Something dark and secretive that could not be named.

Betrayal after shocking betrayal ensued, and Augusten’s childhood was over. The kind of father he wanted didn’t exist for him. This father was distant, aloof, uninterested…

And then the “games” began.

Augsten Burrough's is one of my favorite authors and is well known for his some what comedic take on his roller coaster of a past, but with "A Wolf at the Table" we see a darker side of him.

I love how simple yet really kind of haunting this cover is. The bent fork basically telling you that the ride that you are in for is going to be an interesting one.

I normally go for Burrough's lighter works, like "Running with Scissors" or "You Better Not Cry", but when I saw this cover and then read the jacket I knew I would get to see a dark side of him that is truly captivating!

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  1. I like this. The fork looks like creepy fingers. Definitely different.

  2. This book sounds pretty good.
    A good cover. Interested in reading now.

    Here's my Shelf Candy

  3. How creepy is that!? It reminds me of the opening scene for the Alien movie, with the Alien's hand raising up and turning around its black bony fingers. As a kid I got pretty traumatized by that scene (haha) only recently I watched all the movies with my dad who is a fan.

    My Shelf Candy

  4. No matter where you run, you're not going to escape family! I love Augusten Burroughs.

    Here's my Shelf Candy.

  5. @Cassandra: It's totally worth the read.

    @Amy: Did not think of that till now! But really does remind you of that, maybe that's what the cover designer was going for?

    @Jennifer: Me too!! He's one of my favorite writers! Have you seen the Running with Scissors movie?

  6. I love this cover! I thought Running With Scissors was great (the movie too). I finally was able to post my Shelf Candy at Steph's Stacks