Holly Black Twitter Tease!

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Holly just posted another little tease of the third Curse Workers book, Black Heart, on Twitter!!

"Okay, fine. A tiny, tiny piece of BLACK HEART: Sitting on my bed is a girl. I’ve seen her around campus, but I don’t think we’ve ever spoken. She’s a sophomore, Asian — Korean, I think, with with long black hair that hangs to her waist like a waterfall and thick white socks that come almost to her knees. Her eyes are lined with glittering blue pencil. She looks up at me from under long lashes and smiles shyly.
I’m a little flustered, I have to admit. This doesn’t happen a lot. “Are you waiting for Sam?”
“I was hoping to talk to you.” She stands, lifting her pink book bag, and biting her bottom lip. Then, hesitating, she adds, "I'm Mina. Mina Lange."
“You’re really not supposed to be in my room,” I say, dropping my gym bag.
She grins. “I know.” "

I can not wait for this enstallment!!

What are your thoughts?!

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