Review: "Thirteen Reasons Why"

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This book is one of the most amazing things I've ever read that is not of the paranormal realm in a long time.

Jay Asher's debut novel, "Thirteen Reasons Why" is a beautiful, heartfelt opus of teen life.

In the wake of the death, suicide, of high school student Hannah Baker, classmate Clay Jensen recieves a box of cassette tapes on his front door from none other than Hannah herself.

Clay quickly embarks on a journey to learn the thirteen reasons why she decided to unfortunately end her life. One of them being Clay, himself.

This book is a wonderful reflection of how bullying and rumors can affect people in ways you never thought possible. I felt very close to Hannah situation and will admit now that I, myself had once played with that idea once long ago, but decided against it because I now know the grass is much greener on the other side of the rainbow.

"Reasons Why" is a must read book for people of any age to read.

Also please check out the wonderful campaign "It Gets Better" because it most certainly does. Don't let ANYONE ever tell you different.

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