New, New Book Break

By 6:51 PM

So I've a bit of new for you guys as of late.

My computer is now all fixed and shiny and new like again which is a plus because starting Monday I'll have a continuous internet stream for a long while, a.k.a. the new semester is starting (FREE INTERNET!!). Which means I can communicate more, share my goofy love for books and things more with you!

Now the downside of having my computer cleaned out and a new hard drive is that I had to reinstall a bunch of stuff. The main thing that I use and  love pretaining to this blog is my Adobe Digital Editions software. This is the thing that I use to read my galleys, a.k.a. digital edition of a ARC. Apparently Adobe is being a butt and won't let me authinticate my download so I can't read new new books.

SO the point of me announcing this is that I'll be reviewing what's left of my purchased stash for the time being until that thing lets me use it!!!

I felt compeled to tell you guys this. So there.

Now if you've read a book that I review coming up feel free to put your two cents in! Do that anyway regardless of my technical difficulties!



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